Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Romantic Venice

This Trip: FROM 2015.05.23 TO 2015.05.25

I've visited quite a number of world-famous European cities, including London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Prague, Budapest, etc., which are all best known as icons of historic beauties, so now I can tell Venice is the most beautiful city among all, in my eyes at least. The 360c panorama seen from top of St Mark's Campanile is unbeatable.

Venice is a very compact city where travelling solely on foot is highly sufficient. Personally, a cruise along the Grand Canal is not that interesting, while a gondola ride through the narrow canals between pretty traditional Venetian buildings is necessary to make a trip to Venice a complete one.

Except for those huge fans of museums and galleries, a comprehensive sightseeing tour of the city can be well done in only two days. However, extend the stay for a half-day trip to Burano, an island in the Venetian Lagoon 40-minute ferry journey away from Venice, because the small, brightly painted houses that follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development make it one of those places to see before you die. Finally, not only were our taste buds satisfied by the reputable Italian ice cream "gelato" and Italian pastries, what we really enjoyed were also the Venetian foods such as delectable seafood dishes, and a wide selection of cicchetti, the Venice's version of tapas.


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    1. Thanks! Italy is one of the most beautiful countries! I like Italian foods too :)