Thursday, 16 July 2015

Belgium: Brussels+Antwerp

This Trip: FROM 2015.07.11 TO 2015.07.12

One weekend is perfect for a trip covering both cities in the tiny Belgium. It takes about 45 minutes by train from Brussels to Antwerp. Round-trip tickets for two cost only EUR17 at weekends. We chose Antwerp over other cities, because we are leaving Bruges and Ghent, which are on the same train line towards the Northwest, for another weekend trip in the future. 

Both cities are pretty, but the travel experience wasn't as good as expected. Shops open late, intercity trains as well as metro in Brussels are so old, and worst of all, counters at metro stations open only from Monday to Friday, and so tourists without enough coins have to purchase tickets using credit card on automated machine that does not accept bills.

Belgium is one of the European countries where we expect some deliciousness. I didn't realize there were these different kinds of waffles - Liege Waffles, Brussels Waffles, and also the Waffines, the one available only in the chain Waffle Factory. All three are phenomenal, but I would say the Liege Waffles in Amsterdam are just as good. Next, it's the Belgian Fries with a good selection of sauces that anyone would savor, but some might want to order one to share, as options for size S and M are unavailable. Last and the best, moules-frites is a must-eat. It's a big pot of mussels cooked in your choice of sauce served with some fries. 

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